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Volunteering is for everyone! At Altamont Elementary, parents, guardians, grandparents, career professionals, those working at home… everyone participates to deliver a quality education to our children, making our public school among the best in the region.

Participation at our is is strongly encouraged but 100% voluntary. We welcome everyone to pitch in however they are able. If you are unsure of how you can help, reach out to a PTA leader and s/he will be happy to work with you.


We don’t pay a salary, but your compensation package as an Altamont volunteer includes:

• Getting to know your kids’ classmates.
• Connecting with other parents and guardians at the school.
• Spending more time with teachers and staff.
• Giving your child a sense of community.
• Being a role model for the future generations.
• Witnessing some “precious moments” of elementary school.
• Knowing you are part of the solution.
• Having FUN!



  • Flyer Distribution

  • Box Top Collection

  • Picture Day

  • Back to School Night

  • Movie Nights

  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Trunk or Treat

  • Fun Run

  • Winter Festival

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Muffins with Mom

  • Donuts with Dad

  • Field Day

Other Ways to Get Involved!

  • Become a Room Parent

  • Become a PTA Member

  • Attend PTA meetings

All volunteers will need to complete the Volunteer Application Request Form Exhibit 1240 (link is to the right); this also includes a statement of confidentiality for School Volunteers. There are two  levels of volunteer  clearance:   

Level  A - Help  in  parent  workroom, office,  library, classroom or field trip with presence of district  staff,  no direct work  with students;  

Level B - Field trip,  event chaperone,  help  on playground, lunch area,  or parking lot (May  be left  alone  with students, or pull student out in a separate place).  Both levels of clearance require a recent clear Tuberculosis Test and National Registry check. Level B also includes a fingerprint clearance with the Department of Justice, which will require volunteers to pay a one-time fee.

For more information, please visit the school district website:

Back of a group of volunteers

Thank You Volunteers!

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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