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PTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy association in America. Today's PTA is comprised of 5 million parents, teachers, grandparents, caregivers, foster parents and other caring adults who share a commitment to improving the education, health, and safety of all children. We speak with one voice for every child. Today, the issues affecting our children extend beyond their individual schools. The PTA's nationwide network provides parents with the forum and tools to collectively influence the decisions that affect children not only at their schools, but also throughout their districts, within their states, and across the nation. This mission is unique to the PTA. Many benefits our children receive today, such as universal kindergarten, the National School Lunch Program, and a juvenile justice system, were accomplished as a result of the PTA mission. With Today's PTA, families also have access to important benefits, including:


​With your PTA Membership:

  • You show your children that school matters, and that you are invested in their success.

  • You demonstrate to your child that success in school is the pathway to college, a career and a productive life!

  • You partner with the principal, teachers and staff to make your child's school safe, welcoming, a hub of learning and a fun place to be.

  • You share in campus events and experiences that make your child's school days more memorable!

  • You connect with other parents and become part of California's State PTA and National PTA, the largest and most powerful children's advocacy organization in the country.

  • You help make sure parents and family members voices are heard when important decisions that affect your school are made.

  • Other membership perks

By joining the Altamont PTA, you become part of an incredible all-volunteer organization making a difference for each of our Altamont Panthers.  The Altamont PTA works every day to provide resources, funding, programs, and educational enrichment for every Altamont student.   To become a member, it only costs $10 per person, most of which stays at Altamont to benefit your kids. With your $10 membership fee you will receive voting rights at Altamont PTA Meetings and input into critical spending decisions regarding your children.

But joining the PTA does more than just provide money for Altamont.  It also makes you a part of the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation.  Plus, membership has its privileges!  As a member, you also receive CAPTA member perks and National PTA member offers, as well as scholarship opportunities for continuing education through the California State PTA.

2022-23 Membership Drive

Help us meet our goal of 45 members this year! You can even gift a membership to your child's teacher!

2022-23 PTA Board

Abigail Hoyt - President
Mindy Bresee - Secretary
Carrie Wells - Treasurer

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